The car went through a complete bare-metal, integral restoration, where not one nut remained on a bolt and where every wear part was replaced by a new one. Parts alone added up to over €26,000, and that’s excluding those for the engine, which was re-manufactured by Crewe Engines.

The restoration work involved:

  • Complete dis-assembling of the car
  • Chassis and parts sand-blasting
  • New under-seal with Wax-Oil treatment to protect against rust
  • New re-spray including 6 coats of lacquer in original metallic silver grey 180G
  • New carpet set
  • New parchment leather interior
  • New beige soft-top
  • Complete remanufacturing of engine and injection pump by Crewe Engines (all wear parts replaced)
  • Gearbox re-build
  • Air-conditioning system re-haul and upgrade to R134a gas with new hoses
  • Re-chroming and re-plating of all parts
  • New cores for heat exchanger, radiators
  • Steering box remanufacturing
  • New parts: all rubbers, all seals,  all joints, all ball-bearings, windshield, Bilstein suspension, disk brakes, brake lines, brake master cylinder, fuel pump, all new locks (one key for all), bulkhead isolation, all hoses, hubcaps, tyres, all filters, interior wood set, complete exhaust system, sun visors, engine mounts, hardtop headliner, belts, bulbs, fuses, window scrappers, windshield wipers, battery cables…