Welcome to the website dedicated to my Mercedes Benz 280SL.

The Mercedes W 113 type, nick-named “Pagoda” due to its hardtop roofline, is in my opinion one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Over the years I got into a hobby of buying nice samples in need of restoration, having them restored to the highest standards, and enjoying them before moving to the next one. So it came naturally to create a website to share the results of the restoration of such an amazing car and my experience, especially as it’s for sale!

You’ll see pictures of the car as is now, during the restoration, some historical information on the Pagodas in general and links to Clubs and websites where I sourced lots of the necessary parts and services for restoring the car.

I would also like to thank all these suppliers and especially to John, who is the specialist who did the vast majority of the restoration work and as you will see from the pictures did an amazing job.

This is my second Pagoda, and so having learnt from my mistakes the first time around, I set for myself the objective to restore a good base car with the highest possible standards and complement it with upgrades, some nowadays very difficult to obtain, to improve comfort and reliability without denaturing the car, making it the most beautiful Pagoda to look at and enjoy driving everyday but in no way is this a concours car.

After months of research, I found the perfect car in Texas, a 3 owner car (I am told), an un-restored model with very little rust, having never been in an accident and running fine. The deal was done and the car shipped to Europe.

The car was one of the last 830 280SLs built in 1971 for the US market, automatic, fully loaded with heating rear window, the chrome strips on top of the hard top to put on the luggage rack and a complete toolkit.

So enjoy the website, and if you are interested in buying the car, please contact me on info@my280slpagoda.com.